History of Murter

Murter is a village on the northwestern part of the island of the same name. It was first called Veliko Selo (Big Village, from the 13th century) and Srimač (Srimac), and since 1715 it has had its current name. It spreads from the bay of Hramina, where the marina was built, towards the bay of Slanica.

Murter is the largest settlement on the island, the Murter Sea is the largest sea area between the Šibenik and Zadar archipelagos. It covers an area of ​​210 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of 94 meters. On the northeast side of the Murter Sea is the island of Murter, from the northwest, southwest and south it is surrounded by National park Kornati, and on its southeast side are the two famous Šibenik islands of Zirje, Kakan and Kaprije.

At the foot of the hill Gradina, in the bay Hramina and elsewhere are the remains of Roman buildings and the remains of the ancient settlement Colentum. On the cape of Gradina you can find a local cemetery, where old Croatian graves were found and a church of Our Lady in Gradina from the XVII.

The parish church of St. Michael (reconstructed in 1770) has a baroque altar, made by the masters Pius and Vicko dall’Acqua and one icon from Cretan-Venetian school. In the parish office there is a Gothic-Renaissance processional cross and several more valuable paintings. Above the village, on the hill Vršini, is the church of St. Rock from 1760.

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